Immovable objects, Secret states.

John Billan

Friday 30 April, 2010, from 10am to 12 noon

Presentation Room (UTS Bldg. 3, Rm. 510)

Presentation: 20mins

It is immovable; the surface is dark with the feel of Metal or stone.

It is not on a human scale but one can get quite close. To feel and touch is possible but not always encouraged, the surface varies in Its texture with undulations of ancient impacts, the smooth areas that feel highly polished are without friction or resistance to the touch.

When struck the surface resonates with a deep low frequency sound that lasts for many minutes. If the ear is placed on the surface, what sounds like a million hammers striking anvils is heard.

From the Spoken word piece written by John Billan .

This presentation of my work is in it’s experimental state in the form of a projected video and spoken word with recorded soundtrack by sound artist Tim Catlin.

My work examines the concept of place and what lies beneath and behind the tangible and the visual. Examination via the image representation can be problematic. My work attempts to create links between structures of the internal and external, and the connection of the elements that make up the fabric of the experience of place. Images were made with these emotional elements in mind. The form of these images is positioned within the tradition of the ‘fine print’ hybridizing the images to be used in a temporal form involving Video and Sound. I have worked as a photographic artist for over 25 years.

John Billan’s career in the visual arts spans more than twenty five years, during this time his primary concerns have been Photography Video and interest in experimenting with the performative potential of new technologies.

The main areas of his practice are printing and image making using traditional and alternative processes, this includes digital image production using ink jet technology and exploring the interface between the traditional and the new. He has worked closely and contributed to the migration from Analogue imaging to Digital photographic imaging practices. With a background in Media Arts he has worked mainly in the still image area often hybridizing the image to be used in a temporal form involving Video and Sound.

He has worked in education and maintained an art practice over the past 25 years, and has many years experience facilitating and guiding students through a complex time adopting and embracing new technologies.


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