‘My Field Notes’

Cara McLeod

Wednesday 28 April 2010, from 7pm at Serial Space


‘My Field Notes’

Can an artist who carefully observes and documents subjective and fictive aspects of their travels call their visual research ‘field notes’?
Recurrent motifs and themes have emerged in my art over the past few years.  similarly I have reflected on the cyclic nature of my adventures and returns to different cities in Europe and Sydney.

In ‘My Field Notes’ I will fragment, layer and sequence various images in order to create an open, non-linear narrative structure. I plan to show the results of my idiosyncratic selection process by reorganising and reproducing found images.  I’m exploring the notion of field work in places I may have visited vicariously or virtually and the effect this fictive representation can have on our memory making of places both real and imagined.

‘My Field Notes’ will be based on photographs of places I have visited, my notes and sketches, but also source material I have found in Op shops and flea markets, such as a collection of vintage tourist postcards, non-fiction books with printed colour reproductions of iconic natural landscapes, retro urban architecture and old city guides featuring hand-drawn maps and antiquated printing techniques.


Since attending the Transmediale Deep North conference in 2009 in Berlin, I have been keen to contribute artwork to the kind of cross-disciplinary dialogue that Open Fields proposes. The Deep North conference and exhibition highlighted many successful collaborations between artists and researchers, indigenous communities, scientists, programmers etc, which explored  environmental, social, technological perspectives, concerns and possible solutions now and for the next hundred years.

Cara MacLeod is an energetic and inspiring art educator with seven years of experience teaching art in primary and secondary schools in Sydney. She exhibits regularly and works with diverse media including painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. She has collaborated with Kyla Ring on a number of art festival projects and installed outdoor sculptures in Next Wave 2006, Peat’s Ridge 2005 and Walking The Street 2004.


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A two day forum of creative research, experimentation and practice held from April 28-30 at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Serial Space Gallery, Chippendale.

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