Works in progress: Carroll/Green, Intimate Immensities, SASA Gallery, University of South Australia, May-June 2010.

Katica Pedisic

I would like to discuss Carroll/Green, a collection of drawings I am working on at present for an exhibition in May. It is the first suite of project work that I’ve undertaken as part of my PhD in Architecture & Design at RMIT (started in August last year).

I would intend on showing images of the work generated for the exhibition and discussing the background and intentions of the project and how it forms part of my research area of drawing, in a presentation (slides, powerpoint) of approximately 15 minutes duration.

At the time Openfields kicks off, the drawings should be nearing completion.

I would like to, however, rather that show the complete works, (though if there are some that are complete they can be included) show all the test material, the dead-ends, loose-ends, the rejected, the ruptured, the discarded. I am calling this the ‘shadow’of project 1.

I am interested in receiving feedback on the ‘finished’ works, but more pertinently, in hearing from the other participants their ideas about the detritus of test material and its embryonic potential to inform a ‘project 2’ of the PhD.

Presentation: 20 minutes

Katica Pedisic is an architect, but currently mostly undertaking a PhD by project at RMIT, her area of research being the act of drawing as mediating the emergence and perception of space. She has exhibited her spatially based drawings at several SA galleries and has lectured in architecture in design studios at the University of SA in 2008 & 2009, also having taught as a sessional staff member there since 2002. She has worked as an associate at Con Bastiras Architects, a tiny studio located in Adelaide, their projects recognised with numerous state chapter RAIA awards and published widely in Australia and internationally. She established her practice, antidote, in 2008, specialising in small projects with an emphasis on process-based explorations.


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