Un/disclosed – document/memory/performance – a web project

Julie Vulcan

Thursday 29th April, 10am-12pm

Bon Marche Studio (UTS Bldg 3, Lvl. 1, Rm 105)

Presentation: 20mins

The two year performance project ‘Un/disclosed’ will be the basis for presenting a discussion unravelling the ideas and questions surrounding document, memory and performance. ‘Un/disclosed’ took place on the last Sunday of each month in the years 2008 (Un/disclosed) and 2009 (disclosed). It in essence, became a research project exploring and teasing out ideas and questions that surround the performative act, memory, the document, the audience and the internet as a platform.

The project could only be viewed online. There was no invited audience at the actual performances. Therefore the document was the primary entry point for the audience.

The original conceptual concerns and therefore objectives had to do with questions around memory; how to create memory, how to instigate memory, the veracity of memory and how we appropriate memory. Closely related to this were philosophical questions around reality in relation to a creative act. This therefore led to the many debates and questions that surround the often chicken or the egg scenario of performance and documentation. There is a hierarchy that surrounds ideas of primary and secondary in relation to the event and documentation. The resulting research questioned ways in which I could present the document as primary or the main event rather than the event and suspend our preconceived ideas around the primacy of “liveness”.

Sitting closely alongside these conceptual concerns are practical concerns from which this project arose and these are entwined with the method. Namely, how the setting up of frameworks and rigor within self-initiated parameters can create an archive of rich material that can only be gleaned through commitment to the process and self-devised time frames. I will discuss how the internet can be harnessed as a tool by using its strengths and its instant archival and performative platform to augment ones practice.

The project has created more questions than answers and is still being unravelled. It is many layered and enters the many complex territories of theory and practice. It did not achieve a conclusive outcome but created a springboard for new projects to explore similar territory.

Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist with a practice spanning 20yrs. In the early 90’s her video sound installations were presented at Performance Space, the Australian International Video Festival, Sydney; Experimenta, Melbourne and ARX, Perth.

From the mid 90s Julie started exploring performance practice and spectacle, touring with various groups to major Festivals in Australia and Northern Europe.
Julie has performed with all-girl Sydney cult group Frumpus and hybrid arts ensemble Unreasonable Adults. She creates short performance, live durational works, installations and web projects



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