Meta-scientific omni-structural thoughts on complex systems in dependency of time

Lisa Erb

Thursday 29 April, 2010, 1-3pm

Bon Marche Studio (Bldg. 3, Lvl. 1, Rm. 105)

Presentation: 20mins

Meta-scientific omni-structural thoughts on complex systems in dependency of time

Our sciences have been applying logics and structures, that farly exceed our prevailing conception of dichotonom forms of seperation and domination. Since the introduction of dialectics, we have been splitting body from meaning, one and the other, focused on distinction between, but we have forgotten to think and talk on structures of overlay, merge, and the emergent impact of combining and what can be derived therefrom on a scale invariant modell for practiced living. Evolution and Development always have been the base structure itself. Still we are afraid of the next level that needs to be taken as paradigmatic change. Understanding the whole as one set, new ways and forms derive a new logic on that human society might base on. We have to leave dialectis as it can not describe the complex system, in which – and at the same time as which – we are living.

We must dare to integrate very new forms of pattern perception doing the merge of ongoing temporal effects / sets and causes as a growing network, rhizomatically spreading, knoting and evolving itself to its higher form. In the highest form applying the structure is processed living coming from the mothers, time and digestion. It follows precoursers and a history parallel to time, starting with the Subject, as impact of the combination of meaning and body going along with its self-organising and “natural development”, that may be applied trough all relating planes of perception of self / wholeness / system.

The qualitative and deterministic relation and co relation of 1:1, which are quantitatively unequal and qualitatively different, but at the same time: interdependent parts of larger totality, co-existed together, sharing many characteristics influencing each other and producing spill-over effects.

Main aspects are adoption and merge into offered directions of interrelation(+,x,->), the combinatory unique way, not developed simply through the same sort of linear sequence of necessary developmental stages, but rather adopt/utilize the results of developments reached elsewhere. Fractality: The main tendencies and trends occurring at the level of a whole, could be also found in each, where they combined with unique local trends – locally specific “mix”.

For a creation as a whole that is able to prosper and evolve into future, we have to come to a simple form that is mighty of including all subsets of the entity. This has political, sociological, theoretical and practical consequences.

Through “the art of “meeting” itself”, it creates physical embodiment working towards healthy ways of living and “just being” and “being together”.

Lisa Erb is an artist working with intra-action / entanglement. She was born in 1981 in Freyung, Passau, Germany and lives in Munich and Bayreuth. In her work, Erb is interested in a radical shift in interactive, dynamic human perception. Using concepts / theories derived from mathematics and quantum physics / physical sciences, she applies these concepts in her daily investigations. Her many-armed projects encompass (alternative) pop cultures and queer concepts of what is “sexy” as well as an exploration of the “fantastic” which she has termed “the big picture”. She is interested in the eventual “proof” of her investigations and experiments, actually involving a literal “revolution” which she has optimistically shortened to the word “volution”. A revolution/shift in human perception in congress with other artists, thinkers, people in general is her goal. But her actual process-based work places faith in every step of perception shifts and dissemination of information as a “getting closer” goal in itself. Her extreme openness and willingness to passionately incorporate information…organizing, archiving, diagramming along the way…is in itself a life/work. She infuses information with new energies and spins it back out into the world through a lens of brutal, brave honesty…” (Sands Murray-Wassink 2010)


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