Shiga Plateau Olympics

Dianne Peacock

Serial Space Gallery, Chippendale


Shiga Plateau Olympics

The pasted-on breasts in Martha Rosler’s Body Beautiful or Beauty Knows No Pain series, 1966-1972 and a collage from Eduardo Paolozzi’s Psychological Atlas, 1949, which transforms, with great economy an elephant into a monster are works that make me feel that I am seeing. A common link in my reference projects is the experience of wonder which occurs in their encounter. Guy Sherwin’s Man Holding a Mirror, as performed in Melbourne in 2008; and spaces with internal spatial mystery are also in this category.

Shiga Plateau Olympics is a series of simple collages on a subject of obscure personal interest. It proved useful in isolating specific functional, transformative techniques of this medium.

Dianne Peacock is an architect based in Melbourne, where her Ph.D. entitled Spatial Mystery and Parallel Works is undertaken by project at RMIT. Her practice has produced exhibitions, installations and zines in addition to built and unbuilt work. She teaches architectural design studio and at RMIT developed Paper, Scissors, Blur, a course in collage and mixed media in architecture. In 2009 Dianne established Subplot, a Melbourne based architectural practice.


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