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Signs and Signifiers: A Personalised Symbology in Composing New Music With Styles and Genres

Michael Knopf

Friday 30 April, 2010, from 10 to 12 am

Bon Marche Studio (UTS Bldg. 3, Lvl. 1, Rm. 105)

Performance: 20 mins

Although eclecticism, crossover and style synthesis in music have been integral to music’s expansion and development and particularly so in the past century and a half, there has been little formal investigation into the use of genre and style in composition. The ubiquitousness of this creative practice is undoubted, but as a field of study, it is necessary to have the creative and craft processes brought into focus.

My doctoral research into composing with styles and genres analyses and identifies established and emergent techniques and concepts within the composer’s operational craft. It also pursues understandings through reflection by the composer on the work.

This presentation, entitled Signs and Signifiers: A Personalised Symbology in Composing New Music With Styles and Genres, will present the composer’s mental and spiritual associations with the creative processes followed by the experience of a live performance of movement from the new work The New Earth Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra (substituted by audio-file backing).

Michael Knopf is a composer and concert guitarist whose eclectic interests have allowed the unfoldment of new styles of guitar playing and a new field of formal study in composition, that of composing with styles and genres.


A two day forum of creative research, experimentation and practice held from April 28-30 at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Serial Space Gallery, Chippendale.

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