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Improvising on Chilote themes.

Waldo Fabian Garrido

Friday, 30th April

Presentation Room, Bon Marche (UTS Bldg. 3, Rm. 510)

Performance: 10 mins.

Improvising on Chilote themes.

Waldo Fabian Garrido

In my presentation, I propose to perform three pieces of improvised music utilizing the electric six strings and the acoustic double bass. The author has arranged a number of compositions written on the island of Chiloe (south of Chile) on a recent field research trip to the archipelago.

The tracks in question have electronic orchestration and are base on Chilota rhythms and mythological themes, which form a great part of Chiloe’s formidable cultural and folkloric tradition.

The focal point of my research concerns the cross-cultural theoretical concept of hybrid musical cultures. In this presentation/performance, I would like to illustrate with specifically composed examples how the author has blended Chilota folk music and electronic/jazz idioms in Australia. The author has a unique perspective as a person experienced in both cultures. Hybrid musical cultures resulting from the union of different practices are inevitable in this modern globalised world. Hybridity in music has a long history with composers such as Mozart incorporating the instruments and music of the Ottoman Empire’s Janissary bands into contemporary composition of that era.

In my performance, I plan to present historical and geographical background information of Chiloe. Furthermore, I will highlight the components that make up its musical constitution, including the indigenous elements and any further creolisation or mestizaje that my have contributed to the development of Chilota music.

Chilean born Waldo Fabian is a composer, producer, singer music researcher and academic.
Waldo is a PhD candidate at the Macquarie University where he was awarded an APA Scholarship. In 2006 Waldo completed a Master of Design Science (Audio and Acoustics) at the University of Sydney and in 2008 he received a BA First Class Honours (Contemporary Music Studies) at Macquarie University. Waldo has also finished a number of Units in music studies at UNE.
Waldo Fabian has written and produced two Latin solo albums; ‘Dejame Tocarte’, a South American release through Sony imprint Leader, and ‘Loco’, released locally by FMG. Fabian had the No.1 single on Chile’s No.1 station Radio Corazon with the title track from ‘Dejame Tocarte’.
Waldo was a founding member of the Catholics (Jazz band). As a composer/producer he has worked with artists like: Robin Luau, Disco Montego, Mark Walton, Tiffany Wood, Craig Obey, Rachelle Medley and Anthony Copping.
Film has also become an outlet as Waldo has discovered a definite interest from this industry. Making an appearance on Kate Crogan’s latest film “Strange Planet”, Waldo has proved his versatility by also arranging some of the score. The HBO film “Purple Haze”
As a bassist, Waldo has performed with various Latin and jazz bands and musicians like Mark Isaacs, Kevin Hunt, Amazonia, Craig Walters and many more.
Currently Waldo Fabian is lecturing and tutoring in the department of music at Macquarie University, Sydney


A two day forum of creative research, experimentation and practice held from April 28-30 at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Serial Space Gallery, Chippendale.

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