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The effect the periphery has on the actual.

Smiljana Glisovic

Thursday 30th April, 2010, from 1 to 3pm

Presentation Room (UTS Bldg. 3, Lvl. 5, Rm. 510)

Presentation: 20mins.

To make a gesture towards matter that resists the light, dark matter that dwells in the periphery, in a state of potentiality, is the subject of this presentation. The dark smudges full of possibilities that were abandoned when an image or word were chosen to exist as the artifact create intervals between the actual. These intervals are the rhythm. These intervals are the poetry, the inner-landscapes and untamed ideas. What is in the dark speaks to the artifact. What is in the dark is always moving, always in motion, in a state of metamorphosis. My research is based on the kind of effect the periphery has on the actual. What is this improvised dance between the abstract and the tangible? How does one encourage these dark spaces to exist, without contriving them, without forcing them into being? I will explore these questions by looking at the relationship between poetry, cinema and translation- focusing on the motion between and within each: the movement in the act of translation, between one language and another; the movement in the act of adaptation from written text to screen, from one mode and another; the movement of improvisation between live performance and screen; and of course the moving image itself. I use as my artifact a poem by Radmila Lazic ‘Elegy I’. These are my first exploratory steps taken into this half-lit territory.

Smiljana has a performing arts degree (acting) from WAAPA, and MA (writing) from UTS. This is her first year as PhD candidate at RMIT (Cinema). She has published short stories and arts reviews for university presses and online Australian journals, performed in, written and produced theatre, video installations and short films.


A two day forum of creative research, experimentation and practice held from April 28-30 at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Serial Space Gallery, Chippendale.

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